About Us

Burton NDT Rentals is a professional equipment rental and sales company specializing in industrial inspection solutions. With over 35 years of inspection industry experience and newest inventory in the industry, we help our industry partners maintain smooth operations, ensure workplace safety, and promote equipment reliability and integrity. Based out of La Porte, Texas, Burton NDT Rentals has been working with diverse clientele in many different industries like oil & gas, pipelines, pharmaceutical facilities, chemical plants, and power generation.
We deliver unparalleled equipment solutions and inspection expertise in Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Positive material identification (PMI), and X-Ray fluorescence (XRF). We offer portable and easy-to-use RVI equipment, which includes a wide range of videoscopes, fiberscopes, pipe cameras and video crawler systems with various diameters and lengths, making our equipment suitable for the most demanding of inspection requirements. We also carry other testing equipment (eddy-current testing, phased array ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic flaw detection, infrared imaging, and hardness testers) for the most challenging turnarounds, shutdowns and emergency outages.

Why you should choose Burton NDT Rentals for your inspection needs?

  • We provide superior performance and customer service through in-depth customer knowledge, and best in class technology
  • We consistently deliver exceptional value for each customer through efficient account management
  • We regularly seek customer, employee and vendor feedback concerning our customer-service, equipment quality, technical support and on-time performance and use this information to relentlessly pursue continuous improvement
Industries We Serve
Oil & Gas Chemical Pipeline
Refining Manufacturing Aerospace
Engineering Pulp & Paper Marine
Construction Power Generation Defense
Fossil & Nuclear Pharmaceutical Food & Dairy
Transportation Mining HVAC & Mechanical